5 Tips to Help Relieve Inflammation and Pain

Living with pain and inflammation is hard, but you can fight back.

Below is a few home tips you can try to help relieve inflammation and pain in the joints and tendons.

knee and joint pain, inflammation

  1. Apply ice covered in a cloth to the affected area in 10 minute increments
  2. Eat Pineapple and tropical fruit, which contains Bromelain, a powerful enzyme that helps with inflammation
  3. Use Turmeric in all your recipes, which contains the powerful compound Curcumin
  4. Devils claw root can be used for pain and can be purchased in capsule or ointment form. 
  5. Tart Cherries are great for fighting inflammation 

While these home remedies are great to try, they also take a while to feel any real results and you have to consume a lot to tell a big difference.

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